2015 AKF Release Form


2015 Schooling Horse Trials Championships Prizes

TIMES for the Schooling Horse Trials Championships

Qualifying list for the Schooling Horse Trials Championship

Remember to get your Schooling Horse Trials Championship entries in! We are also running non-championship divisions. Great Prizes for All divisions.

NEW clinic with classical Portuguese master, Miguel Anacoreta Soares of Madrid, Spain October 10-16

AKF is excited to announce that Cat Hill and Emma Ford will be at Apple Knoll Farm on November 7-8

Please see the Calendar page for all competitions held at AKF this year!

Jumper Series RESULTS
Apple Knoll Farm would like to give a big Thank You to our sponsors Dover Saddlery and Equinature Products for donating prizes for our shows.

Apple Knoll Farm is once again selling Show Jumps

We are currently looking for barn help at AKF. Contact Betsy for details. 508-376-2564.

Sponsors for 2015 Jumper Series:
Dover Saddlery

Sponsors for the Area I Horse Trials Series and Championships:
North Bridge Equine Associates
Adams Horse Supply
Bit of Britain
Equinature - The healthy Choice

The 2015 Raffle Trunk, built by Brent Longtin:

2015 Volunteer Raffle prize for our 2015 Volunteers, built by Brent Longtin:

Safety System Show Jumps for sale:

2015 Show Season is in full swing. Keep checking our calendar for upcoming activities.

Aiden and Cha Chi enjoying the Wednesday night jumper shows at Apple Knoll Farm

Apple Knoll Farm offers FOR SALE:



Private Dancer

AKF has some school horses for lessons for those without their own ponies/ horses

Jump photo by Xpress Foto
XC photos by Prestige Sportshots

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