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Learn more about NEDA Fall Symposium featuring Ingrid Klimke and Dr. Ina Goesmeier, November 1 - 2

NEW: Jumper Derby on Sept. 28

Jumper Series RESULTS

Jumper Derby RESULTS

Donít miss the NEDA Symposium with Ingrid Klimke and Dr Ina Goesmeier being held at AKF

Daniel Stuart (11/15-16). Details to follow

Apple Knoll Farm is once again selling Show Jumps

We are currently looking for barn help at AKF. Contact Betsy for details. 508-376-2564.

!!! Year end Awards are sponsored by
Saddle Mattress,
Dover Saddlery

2014 Raffle Trunk, built by Brent Longtin:

2014 Volunteer Raffle jewelry box prize for our 2014 Volunteers, built by Brent Longtin:

Safety System Show Jumps for sale:

Horse show season is upon us!

Duncan Avenue and Adrienne Iorio at King Oak Farm in Southampton, MA
Photo used with permission from Flatlands Photo

Aiden and Cha Chi enjoying the Wednesday night jumper shows at Apple Knoll Farm

Apple Knoll Farm offers for sale:


Just Teddy

Hakuna Matata

AKF has some school horses for lessons for those without their own ponies/ horses

Jump photo by Xpress Foto
XC photos by Prestige Sportshots

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